Are you still looking for the custom automotive parts through various forums just like a helpless boat in the ocean?

Have you ever wondered being a perfectionist but never get a chance to have a perfect side skirt or front lip for your own car?

How did jason get his car fancy set of grille and spoiler wing without costing him a lot of money and i can only get some expensive cliche for my own car?

All that seems to be troubling and yet we are here to help.

Ninte offers parts customization solutions.

We are able to manufacture and design high end custom trim automotive parts & accessories.

Quality parts are normally produced to OE standards for seamless fit and anti-leak protection.

We know how important this is and that is why we run quality control just like forrest gump runs for his life.

Fair price and fine workmanship, that is the key.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate mission.We are not only getting you refined pieces but also provide loyal service to all our beloved customers.

We sincerely invite you to be the first one to acquire special design form Ninte or to be the part of this project by making your own desgin.

The first lucky client will have this completely for free.

We won't ask extra fee from you,it is our special service.

We also would like you to be our partner,dealership or wholesaler is totally welcome.

Your own design idea will be appreciated as well, our specialist is ready to be involved,please feel free to contact us.

Currently we have no idea what your car model is and what item do you actually need.

We really appreciate some clients have been sending us inquiries regarding vehicle model & certain parts.

That is why you need to leave your request and detailed spec down here or leave a message to our assistant,we really hope that we can be of assistance!

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