5 Fun Facts About Cars!

Today we are here to share 5 fun little facts about cars that you might have never noticed! Prepare yourself to learn more car tips and impress your friends next time when the car topic pops up!

Life length of airbag

5 Fun Facts About Cars!

Technically, the life length of an airbag is the same as the car, and it can even be considered longer than the car if it has never encountered a traffic accident, the airbag can still be used even if the car is scrapped. But in reality, the quality of airbags may gradually decline after 8 to 10 years, same as their protection capabilities. Therefore, if the indicator light of the car's airbag flashes or keeps displaying for 6 to 8 seconds, it shows that the airbag needs to be replaced immediately. If your car does not have this reminder feature, it is recommended to update the airbags around every 10 years.


The steering wheel is not a perfect round

5 fun facts about cars!

It might surprise many people that the steering wheel is not a perfect round! That’s because this non full-round  design can provide the driver more space for their legs and prevent the driver’s legs from touching the steering wheel when the driver is stepping on the clutch or braking. And the steering wheel is set to an ellipse to reduce the angle of rotation, allowing the driver to control the entire car better.


The line on your left wing mirror

5 Fun Facts About Cars!

If you look closely, you will find there’s a looming line in the middle of your left wing mirror of the car. It is also called a double-curvature rear-view mirror, and the line in the middle is called the curvature dividing line. The purpose is to provide a safer, larger and better vision for car owners. For example, the outer side of the line can extend the field of vision, while the inner side can provide a more realistic field of vision, which greatly improves the safety factor during driving on the road.


You can’t switch the front tires with rear tires

5 Fun Facts About Cars!

There’s several situations about the installation of the tires. Generally, if the tires have symmetrical patterns, there is no problem with switching the front tires with the rear tires. However, if the tires are asymmetrical or directional patterns,you can not switch them; In some cases, with some very special models, even the size of the front and rear tires are different, it is even more impossible to switch the front and rear tires.


The white smoke, blue smoke and black smoke

5 Fun Facts About Cars!

If you find the exhaust pipe is emitting white smoke, it is usually because the gasoline is not fully burned and discharged from the exhaust pipe. This situation often occurs in winter, the low temperature causes fuel atomization.

If it is blue smoke, that indicates that the car is burning engine oil. The reason is either that there’s too much engine oil, or the engine oil has entered the cylinder. If this situation occurs, you should go to check at the repair shop immediately.

As for black smoke. In one case, it is caused by insufficient gasoline combustion, or, the car's air filter is blocked by some matters or the car’s fuel injector has some problems, or the spark plug can be faulty. Because this situation might be caused by complex reasons with big potential dangers, it is highly recommended that you go to check at a repair shop immediately.

That’s what we wanted to share with you today! Hope you enjoyed reading it and learned a tiny bit more things about cars! 

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