The car is now a very important tool that we cannot live without. Without a car, our travel would be very troublesome. The tire is also the foot of the car, the most important part of the car. Now the tire is no longer a simple support, just to make the car roll. It is also the main bearer of car comfort and safety. Tires are so closely connected with cars. Many people have discovered an interesting phenomenon. The colors of cars are really colorful, but the color of tires is only ugly black. Why are there no large-scale production of colored tires?

In fact, tires are not black by nature, but white. After all, the raw material of tires is rubber, and the rubber that flows out of the rubber tree is white. Therefore, the first tire in the world is white and used in Buick cars. This tire is what John Dunlop wanted to produce pneumatic tires in order to keep his son from riding the bike. He is also the founder of Dunlop Tire, a well-known tire factory now.

However, pure white tires have obvious disadvantages, insufficient friction, and wear faster. So I tried to add a lot of things, hoping to find a suitable additive to make the tire wear-resistant and increase the grip. In fact, when black tires appeared. Color tires also appeared at the same time, because everyone is trying various additives. Although different color additives make tires look better, the strength, compression resistance, and wear limits of all colored tires are not good, and they cannot reach the car. Driving requirements, so the colored tires fell through for the first time, this is the first reason for the beginning.

Later, in 1915, it was discovered that after "carbon black" was added to rubber, the toughness, wear resistance, tear resistance, and elasticity of tires were unprecedentedly better. Almost every standard has reached perfection. Not only has the life of tires increased four or five times, especially in terms of mileage from a few thousand kilometers to a theoretical level of 100,000 kilometers. Later, this black additive was also used, so the tire is also black.

However, various tire companies have not given up on colored tires. In the 1990s, Michelin replaced carbon black with white silica, which not only kept the original rubber white, but also added additives of any color to produce The color tires I want, and the tire parameters are the same as black tires, but the price is too expensive to be mass-produced. This is the reason why I can't see colored tires now.

As for the third reason, it is very strange. When the colored tires came out, some experts opposed it. It is said that colored tires are not as safe as black, because the colors are too bright, and other drivers will be distracted by colored tires when driving, increasing accidents. Some people think that color tires are not used, and black is used because black is stain resistant.

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