How to distinguish between true and false carbon fiber?

Many people know that carbon fiber has a capital of 1/4 the weight of steel, and has the ability to withstand 10 times the hardness of steel. Of course, it also has the impression of 'old and expensive', but in fact, carbon fiber is cheap, expensive, high-quality, and some Inferior. 


In fact, carbon fiber is processed at high temperature to make "carbon fiber molecules" become "filament", and then "silk" is woven into "cloth". How to weave carbon fiber is an important part that affects its price and rigidity, so I won't discuss it in detail here. Now, you can understand it like this-the same carbon fiber fabric, different weaving methods will have different effects. In other words, the rarer the weaving pattern, the stronger the rigidity.



The surface is mostly made of "twill" carbon fiber cloth and resin glue. The woven texture has obvious layering and 3D effect, but the surface is smooth when touched by hand, while the carbon fiber texture-like stickers are not too much Layering, even if there is, it does not have the smooth touch of real carbon fiber. Of course, not all carbon fiber products have woven textures on the surface. Carbon fiber parts made of carbon fiber unidirectional cloth have no textures. Perhaps it is used more in the medical field, but we rarely see it. In addition, carbon fiber products are only black, and people often mistake colored glass fiber or aramid materials for carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is too "rigid" and aryl fiber is too "flexible". If two fibers of different properties are woven together, the two fibers are mixed together to make their advantages complement each other, and there is "rigidity with flexibility". Characteristics.

Although there are many carbon fiber products that you have come into contact with, when it comes to manufacturing carbon fiber, there are only a few manufacturing plants in the world (it is said that there are two in the United States, one in Taiwan, and one in Japan). And the world's refitting brands will purchase carbon fiber fabrics of different densities in these factories (most of the densities can be divided into 3K, 6K and 12K, for example, "3K" means that 1mm carbon fiber fabric contains 3,000 filaments), or The carbon fiber cloth that suits your style, I will rely on my own experience to produce carbon fiber finished products, such as carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber rear wing, carbon fiber steering wheel and so on.


Probably after we have a certain understanding of the relationship between carbon fiber fabrics and weaving, we will distinguish between true and false carbon fibers. The first element to distinguish between true and false must be the price. Due to the complex process of manufacturing carbon fiber and the cost of its own materials is not cheap, so If you buy cheap carbon fiber products, there is a good chance that you will buy fake carbon fiber products with sticky paper and carbon fiber paint.

 The second point is that the quality of carbon fiber can be distinguished with the naked eye. To put it simply, you have to check some subtle places or detailed positions. Since the carbon fiber parts are spread, resin glue, vacuum treatment, and high-temperature baking, any step may affect the carbon fiber pattern. If you want to achieve perfect presentation of the three-dimensional sense, it is a test of the master's manual ability, especially the details of the carbon fiber corners. The transition points can express the clarity and silky smoothness of the carbon fiber texture.


In addition, some brands just "guess it right" and you don't know enough about carbon fiber products. They often add PU material in the middle part to increase the thickness of carbon fiber. The easiest way to distinguish is to observe the bottom of the carbon fiber. If the bottom is not carbon fiber, then it is not a "100%" carbon fiber part. Because carbon fiber must be a common dark gray, if you see other colors, it must be a fake. Of course, for For products with deep routines, the carbon fiber content of the product can be distinguished by "finger tapping", and the sounds produced by the two are different.

 After all, you bought it at a high price. After all, the cost price difference between glass fiber and carbon fiber is very large, unless its price is within a reasonable range you think.

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