The front bumper is the main part for the front engine vehicle, which is used to dissipate heat in the engine compartment, absorb fresh air and even provide air for the brake system. In the field of modern automobile engineering, its position is more inclined to functional parts, and its beauty often conflicts, the artists of the design department have to compromise or quarrel with the mechanical department for the best of both worlds. For those mid rear engine vehicles, the design department can play at will. Although there are still some such as water tanks and condensers in front, most of them will lie down. This is how the v-mount layout was born. The vehicle passes through the large-area opening of the front bumper (i.e. air dam) and bumps the air into the engine compartment when the vehicle is running. On the one hand, it can let the engine absorb enough fresh air and take away the heat generated when the engine is running. In some specially designed front bumpers, there are special openings for cooling the brake system.

black Mitsubishi braso car
   In addition, the designed front bumper can also reduce certain wind resistance and air resistance at high speed. Some of the front bumpers use the principle of aerodynamics in their design, which can increase the additional downforce and make the car more stable.

   NINTE strives to make its products fashionable, yet durable for years to come. The company is deeply committed to advancing technology and searching market interests, so that it can address changing customer needs. 


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