No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

No Time to Die is finally in the cinema! As the 25th 007 movie, it is the most expensive one, costing nearly 400 million US dollars; it is also the longest one, it is 163 minutes; it is also the last James Bond movie that starred by Daniel Craig, although at the end of the film, there is still the iconic line "James Bond will return."

There was a breath-taking car-chasing moment in the middle part. In the picture, it’s a group of bad boys driving Jaguar Land Rovers chasing Bond.

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

But only within a few seconds, these Jaguar Land Rovers were already overturned to the ground, as one of the best cars in the film, they flipped so fast, and seemed to not care about their coolness at all. One of the Rovers rolled twice on the road and even broke into two.

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

Does Rover care not it’s look on screen at all?

If we look back to all the past 25 films, we will realise that Rover has always been this careless and funny.

Now let’s review and see those fun and memorable Rover moments in 007 again!

007 Spectre

Rover was still a bit uptight during the first two 007 films, he was still young and always taking Bond’s side.

The first film in 1974, The Man with the Golden Gun, Rover was driven by the Mauca police.

1974, The Man with the Golden Gun

In the second film in 1983 Octopussy, Rover had more scenes. It is a Range Rover classic convertible that Bond was driving at the opening scene into the horse race, Later, he failed to perform the mission and was arrested by the military. The Bond Girl also drove this Range Rover classic convertible version to achieve a successful rescue. And later, it is also the same car that the Bond Girl was driving to come rescue him when he failed the mission.

1983 Octopussy

However, from the third film, Rover turned himself to the evil side. In A View to A Kill in 1985, Rover was driven by Zorin and Mayday, who were the villains, when they drowned Bond’s Rolls-Royce.

1985 A View to A Kill

In 1987 The Living Daylights, Rover had fully transferred to the Bad boys’ side, by his showing scene as the getaway car of the killer. But at the end of the film, James Bond was also riding a Land Rover Series III escaping the fallen plane.

1987 The Living Daylights

Now let’s move to 1997 Tomorrow Never Dies, the villains were ALL driving a black Range Rover when they chased Bond.

1997 Tomorrow Never Dies

To the sixth film, Die Another Day in 2002, Roven chose to be driven by Moon, and Moon is also driving a green Jaguar XKR with a Gatling machine gun, thermal imaging system, mortar, 18 infrared tracking missiles, hydraulic impact hammer and rockets hidden in the door, showed us a breath-holding car chase scene with Bond.

Later in the film, when Graves met the queen, he rode in a Range Rover, and at the end there was also a military Land Rover Defender.

2002 Die Another Day

In Casino Royale that was released in 2006. Bond drove a Range Rover Sport version. The villain drove a Jaguar XJ8. The two cars crashed into each other and both were terribly pushed and damaged, causing huge chaos at the parking lot.

At the end of the film, it is also the Jaguar XJ8 the villain drove off the lake when got arrested by Bond. letting Jaguar XJ8 become the end scene of the film.

2006 Casino Royale

Quantum of Solace in 2008, Bond was still driving the Range Rover Sport, the Jaguar XJ8 was still with the villain Dominic, and at the beginning, Land Rover Defender was drivon by the Italian police.

Skyfall, 2012, there were even more Rovers in the film, Jaguar XJ droven by Bond’s boss, M; Land Rover Defender driven by the agent Eve Moneypenny; Land Rover Range had become the official vehicle of MI6.

However, the land rover discovery 4 still stood  with Silva, helping him disguise as a policeman and escaped. 

Skyfall, 2012

Till Spectre in 2015, Jaguar Land Rover had already gone too far at the bad side.already on the way of the villain, the Range Rover Sport SVR team in the snow mountain area, the Jaguar C-X75 has directly become the vehicle of the big villain Mr.Hinx.

Spectre, 2015

And in this long timeline, Rovers have always been destroyed in all different ways.

Being blowed up with broken pieces

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

Burned up in fire

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

Crashed into snow

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

Covered by bullet holes

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

Laying upside down with its big shining eyes

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

There are way too many scenes like this, Rovers are not like other cars for agents that are always staying cool till the end. They are always showing up fabulous and leaving in all funny ways.

Even though, we could still always remember their highlight before the need to be destroyed in the film.

Their practical side

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

Their bouncing ability

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

Smooth Off-road driving experience

No Time to Die, Jaguar Land Rover’s Bad Side

The quality and ability are already well-showed in the film, Rovers are not afraid of the need to sacrifice it’s last moment. If all the ads partners are like this, customers might be more willing to see them in films or even not notice.

Along with the film No Time to Die, there also came a new model created specially by the Land Rover SV Center for the participation of the Land Rover Defender. It is also the strongest model in the history of the Land Rover Defender family – The Land Rover DEFENDER V8 Bond Edition.

Only 300 sets are available worldwide.

The Land Rover DEFENDER V8 Bond Edition

This collection edition is based on the new Land Rover Defender 110 V8 model. The 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine has a maximum power of 525 horsepower and a peak torque of 625 Nm. The power parameters can compete with the Mercedes-Benz G500.

What’s more, it also has an exclusive black exterior kit, customizable wheel design, a new entertainment system, and also a "Defender 007" welcome light, a "Defender 007" rear badge!

It is like at the end of  No Time to Die , M expressed his condolences to James Bond  "The proper function of man is to live, not to exist."

The Land Rover DEFENDER V8 Bond Edition

What’s wrong with standing with the bad boys? This British brand is filled with an energy of  "It’s good to be bad", with its righteousness in the heart and braveness in the eyes, it’s okay to be crushed, it’s blooming gorgeous anyway.


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