The Fast Saga is among the most popular ones in the movie industry, earning more than USD 7 billion in their cumulated box office. While most people watch is for the action-packed scene, there is a small group of people not interested in the movie in itself but THE AMAZING CARS that they showcase in it (I am more of the latter, how about you?). Whether it is the 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo or the 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII that Paul Walker (may he rest in peace) was driving in the movies or the legendary Dodge Viper (a tribute to all American muscles) that Vin Diesel was showcasing throughout the whole saga.
    As usual, we discussed about the movies here at Ninte and was drooling on all the car greatness in the saga. However, none of us are Hollywood movies millionaires so even if we wanted to, we could not afford the cars in those movies. What we could do however is enhancing the outside look of our car to give it a somewhat similar vibe. There are tons you can do but they can be summarized into two (2): exterior customization (Front Lip, Grille, Spoiler, Side skirts) and interior customization (Seat Cover, Floor Mats).


fast and furious car customization modification race front lip front bumper spoiler bmw toyota nissan mitsubishi honda


Exterior customization

This topic has been discussed many times in here but the followings are the ones that will give your car an immediate look upgrade:

  • Front Lip

The Front Lip is obviously among the customization that will give your car that “racy” look. It may not contribute to more power into your engine but it actually helps in aerodynamic, giving a slight boost in speed due to its nature. As an added bonus, not only it enhances your car’s look, but it only protects your car.

  • Rear Bumper diffuser

Rear bumpers are not as talked as much as front bumpers. While adding into the racing theme that we are looking for a Fast and Furious themed car, it also helps with increasing the airflow underneath the car. While not extremely evident, it may also give a little speed boost to your car. Look at how gorgeous this rear diffuser is and you will not hesitate to get one yourself.

  • Side Skirts

Side splitters and side skirts are the next step. All racing cars also have those because they reduce the amount of air pressure on the side of the car (yes, when a car is going that fast, every bit of design matters). For us, it is just an added benefit, we are mostly interested in the look it gives.

  • Front Grille

This last one is the cherry on top. A custom front grille will have the most impact on your car’s external look. It gives the “non-vanilla” vibe to your car, completing our exterior part of the customization. If you followed those steps like we did, your car will definitively look more like it was from the Fast and Furious movies than just a car bought to satisfy your daily need (not that it’s bad, it’s just not Fast and Furious good, haha).


fast and furious car customization modification race front lip front bumper spoiler bmw toyota nissan mitsubishi honda


Interior customization

While not as impactful and fun as exterior customization, a nice interior contributes to the overall feel and design of the car. How would you feel if you see a car: beautiful exterior, nice design, fully wrapped and every bit of it was customized, however, once you enter the car, the interior is a wreck? Exactly, that is why the interior is as important as the exterior.

  • Seat cover

A great seat cover makes a world of difference so you should do it right. We wrote a great article on how you can go about choosing the right seat cover for your car. Everything is detailed there so I will not discuss about it here

  • Floor Mat

Floor mats also determines the general comfort of your car. Definitely you can go the cheap way and replace it from time to time but we recommend a full weather proof leather mats. It will last longer and is more premium compared to the cheap ones. Moreover, only good ones are action ready. If you treat cheap ones like how they do it in the movies, it will not last long (haha).

  • Cover Trims

Lastly but not the least, you can get decoration covers for every little part inside your car. Steering wheel cover? Check. Window button panel cover? Check. Air Conditioner vent cover trim? Check. It goes as far as your imagination goes and all available at a very affordable price. Give your car a whole carbon fiber treatment and you will see how effective small customization can be.


fast and furious car customization modification race front lip front bumper spoiler bmw toyota nissan mitsubishi honda


Dream cars are called dream cars because they only exist in our dreams. The closest we can get to it is seeing it on our TV (or maybe I’m the only poor one here so it does not apply to you, haha). Fast and Furious showed us what we could own – powerful, highly customized cars - however not all of us have the budget to go and realize that dream, that’s where customization and modification come. It gives us the most bang for our buck and gets us closer and closer to our dream.



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