The often overlooked disadvantages of electric cars (Must read before purchasing)

The advantages of electric vehicles have been pointed out by almost everyone: news, magazines, influencers on social media and even us regular consumers. Given the current situation of global warming, it makes sense that the general media and governments are pushing electric cars as they have lower carbon footprints. As for us consumers, we are attracted and interested in anything new and fancy (especially with the push of social media, look at Tesla’s Cybertruck hype) but electric cars mainly gained more traction due to its main advantage: IT DOES NOT NEED GAS. Every big name went with their own Electric vehicles (EV): Porsche Taycan, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, Chevrolet Volt and a new big player: Rivian (which is a brand new brand introducing electric pickup trucks). They are all taking advantage of the trend (which is a good one, fight climate change!) but since the inconveniencies of electric cars are not good marketing, they are often overlooked. Here at NINTE, we had a little brainstorming about it and came up with a few inconveniencies that come with EVs.


  1. Charging stations are still very Limited 

As much as I love electric cars, this is an obvious first point. Despite Tesla being around for more that 10 years now, in term of industry innovation, electric cars are still very young. Unless you are from countries like Norway (1st place in numbers of EV) and the US (2nd place), you are most likely going to feel the inconveniencies that come with the lack of charging stations. Of course the experience is not uniform. Developed countries are less affected compared to poor countries as they have better infrastructure. An exception might be developed countries with power shortage problem so if you are concerned, you’ve been warned now.

 car accessories charging station electric car


  1. Short range

 Compared to gas cars, electric vehicles have a much shorter range. The Tesla Model X, an upper class electric SUV, on average reaches 300 miles before its battery dries out. In comparison, the Ford Explorer, a gas powered SUV, can last more than 500 miles. It wouldn’t have been a big issue if charging stations were abundant but as said in the first point, they are not (in most places). Battery technology is getting better day by day so I cross my fingers I could still witness electric cars with longer range than traditional ones.

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  1. Charging time

 Let’s pretend we had charging stations everywhere so the range didn’t matter that much; there’s still another technical difficulty: the charging time. In gas stations you can hop in and have a full tank in a matter of minutes, with electric cars however you will have about 6 hours to kill to juice it up. It may not matter that much for those on an adventure with all the stop planned beforehand but for those who didn’t plan it or are just in a hurry, it may be a deal breaker.

car accessories electric car charging time 


  1. Upfront cost

 In the long run, electric cars might end up being cheaper given that owners do not have to pay for gas (and electricity is way cheaper). That being said, the upfront cost of getting into the electric vehicles’ world is still considerably high. Tesla Model 3 for instance, which is Tesla’s budget model, retails for USD 35,000 for the base model, which is still very high for a budget model car. However, cost may go down as time goes by since the productions are getting more streamlined and the competition is rising as the big names are also entering the market.

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  1. Limited choices

 This may not be as big of a deal as the previous points but when you are spending tens (easily hundreds) thousands of dollars on a purchase that you are going to use daily for years (decades?), every argument matters. Compared to traditional cars, the choices are still very limited. Despite the big car makers making their move, it is still a matter of decades before electric vehicles reach the point where traditional cars are now. Although, with the help from government for a greener future, it may be closer than we expect.

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