The Purpose of a Spoiler in a Car (Do you need it?)

We, human, tend to lose our sense of curiosity the more we grow up. As a kid, we used to question everything: why is the sky blue? Why is fire hot? Why is water wet? And the more we grew up, the less questions we ask (maybe some of us are even just left with the good old “What am I going to eat tonight?” question, haha). Our mind becomes less aware of our surrounding and more focused on the things we do every day or just the things that we really love. As a car lover, I am sure you had lingering questions about some of your car parts. Some parts, like the engine, are very straightforward. It is what makes the car move. Others, such as car spoilers, not so much.

As usual, we had a discussion about it at NINTE, and beside just making your car look gorgeous (we all agree to that), car spoilers have some pretty cool advantages that you might still not know about. However before that, it is essential that we first define what a spoiler is so that we all are on the same page.


What is a Spoiler?

According to Wikipedia, a spoiler is “an automotive aerodynamic device whose intended design function is to 'spoil' unfavorable air movement across a body of a vehicle in motion”. In simpler terms, it gets rid of unfavorable air that goes against our vehicle when driving. It may not seem very impactful but for sport cars that drive at above 200 kph, it is very significant. That is why the majority of sport vehicle feature a front and rear spoiler. However, nowadays, more and more regular vehicle tend to have it out of the factory or installed by a third-party (like we do here at NINTE). Now that we know what a spoiler is, let’s go straight to the advantages!


Improved Traction

This is one of its core advantage which is unknown to the average Joes. Spoilers act like the opposite of an airplane wing. An airplane wing creates an upward force from the air so that the airplane can fly. By contrast, a car spoiler creates a downward force on the car’s body. That downward force gives the car a better traction to the road, allowing for a more pleasant and safer experience. It is especially important for lightweight cars as they are easily influenced by the car’s speed.



Lighter Weight Vehicle

This one directly derives from the one above. Since the traction to the road and the weight of the vehicle are positively related, there is a minimum weight that a vehicle should have to avoid accident. With the existence of spoilers however, lighter weight vehicle are made possible given the downward force created by the downward force of the air.



Reduced Drag

This is another core function of car spoilers. Especially noticed at higher speed, the unfavorable air movement creates a drag against the vehicle. Spoilers: rear and front (often called air dams), help reduce that drag by disrupting the air flow.



Improved Fuel Efficiency

Given the reduced drag, the vehicle can run more efficiently. Since it does not have to fight against the excessive air that goes against it, spoilers also improve fuel efficiency. From now on then, when people are questioning you about your custom spoiler purchase, just answer them that it is a long term investment that will allow you to save on fuel money (and we fully support you on that!)




Lastly but not the least, car spoilers also allow you to greatly improve the aesthetics of your vehicle. Without it, some cars will just lose its identity. Originally spoiler-less cars with a custom spoilers installed will just become totally unrecognizable (in an awesome way!).



Spoilers may have many awesome purpose but the average person are getting it just because of the aesthetics it provides. We totally acknowledge that since we are part of that gang; which is why here, at NINTE, we provide you with various car customization accessories that will just take your car’s look to the next level.

Spoilers’ are then really contributing to the whole system but how about different accessories? Like Front Lip? Do they also have hidden advantages that we do not know of? The answer in our following article.



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