What’s the most common car color?

What is the most commonly seen color of cars on the street? Black, white, grey. That’s probably the obvious answer you’ll get from most people.

Black, with a sense of formality and seriousness, is most popular among people in political area, doing business or working in economics. Where you need to be presented as a reliable and trustworthy image.

What’s the most common car color?

White has always been the top 1 choice for families. especially for  smaller cars such as the old Fit, Polo and Golf, or compact cars, not only  because it is resistant to dirt, but also because it belongs to a kind of expansion color that would make the car visually look bigger.

What’s the most common car color?

Grey, a color that represents technology and modernity which also shows its youth and fashion sense. This color also gives us a better look on the details of the car with its excellent light reflection ability.

What’s the most common car color?

Cars of these 3 colors are also much easier to get the paint fixed if any unlucky incidents happens. 

What’s the most common car color?

Henry Ford once said: ""Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black."

The earliest MODEL T were only produced in black, in order to reduce its cost and final price, which successfully achieved its crazy expansion of production capacity and sales.

However, as the United States’s fast development after World War II, financial, people’s spending habits/ tastes changed. In an era when oil was cheap, hedonism, hippies and yuppies were, the colors for cars became more bright and eye-catching. When people have enough money, it’s natural they turn to pursue things that can better reflect their own characteristics, and become less  conservative.

What’s the most common car color?

People’s weathiness and their expectation of a promising future is a line between being bold and conservate. After the oil crisis, not only the large-displacement engine but also the supplier of car paint were affected. Even the performance cars started to turn to black, white and grey colors. Let alone cars for the public.Black, white and grey became the mainstream colors again, takes 80% of the cars as today we are speaking.

What’s the most common car color?

On the other hand, some bold people, especially the young generation, still seek bright or special colors to make their cars stand out. Black, white and grey are too common, they have to do something with the color to catch people’s eyes at the first moment. 

As the trend and future mostly depend on the youngster, it is necessary for the car manufacturers to put more colors on their models to stand out in the fierce competition. The BMW 3 Series added Portimao blue, Accord added Aurora blue, Camry adde Supersonic red, and Teana added Skyrim Red, the colors are getting bolder and brighter.

What’s the most common car color

Even some people still chose the classic black, white and grey at the end but in many cases that is definitely not these 3 colors that was in their mind when they set their first foot into the car store’s door.

And there’s this trick that some car giants do. They firstly present a bright and new color to catch your eyes and then again make or convince you to be impressed by the 3 classic colors.

Because no matter how the bright color jumps out, you will find when you look at the configuration table that the classic three-color car will always arrive the fastest.

The Axalta Automotive Color Preferences 2021 Consumer Survey suggested 88% Americans think the colors affect their decisions on whether to buy the car. If a certain brand does not have the car with their preferred color, they may turn to another brand or car that has this color.

In a word, the colors affect people’s demand and the models’ new color is something that car brands put  in-depth planning on the sales prospects.


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