2 Great Seat Gap Filler For YouÔľĀ

Do you feel anxious when every time you drop something in your vehicle front center console, ? It usually goes down the gap between the seat and the console? Where is the place all things seems to go.
Are you stuck trying to wedge your hand down the crevice to try and grab whatever you dropped using your fingertips? Or here is the situation which you have to get out of your car and reach under the seat to retrieve the item. Instead, get one of these seat gap fillers to solve this common problem!

Here are the great item to help you get rid of all the troubles:

PU Leather Car Pockets Organizer
NINTE PU Leather Car Pockets Organizer

This set of two fillers is made of black leather with colored trim. They’ll fit a gap that’s between 1 and 5.5 cm. A storage bin is on top of the gap filler.

This set not only fills the gap but also gives you an additional storage compartment. The leather gives them an upscale feel.

The black and tan leather options won’t match all car interiors. The bin portion overlaps the seat, which could cut into your space and decrease comfort.

NINTE seat gap filler

NINTE Car Seat Gap Filler Storage Box

This black car seat gap filler is made of PU leather. The bin is divided into three compartments. 

Below with charging hole to make charging easier. Your electronics are safe with multiple built-in protections.

It only works well when it’s no more than 2 inches lower and 1.2 inches wider than the gap in your car. It also only comes in a pair


More storage space to make your center console more clean

Won't drop off anything into the gap then, enjoy the drive all the way!


NINTE seat gap filler

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