Station Wagon - Adding More Fun To Your Life!

Just imagine, going on an unknown trip with a 2002 Subaru Impreza Wagon for one month around a beautiful island, climbing the hills, traveling through cities that became empty due to christmas, and joining the carnival of night music festivals by the sea. So many different but real people you met and again left quickly.

Subaru Impreza Wagon
 Subaru Impreza Wagon

If we could say, off-road vehicles can take you through the most difficult roads and bring you to witness the vastness of nature, then a station wagon, it can make your life and journey more fulfilled and beautiful. You might leave the car sooner or later, but the memory it left in your life is probably unforgettable in the whole lifetime.

Audi A4 Avant is also a wonderful station wagon. In fact, some rational people might jump out of this imaginary scene and argue with me about all the differences between station wagons and normal sedans. Whether it’s the wagon came from the United States that built on the basis of a carriage, or it’s the Shooting Brake that came from the Europe exclusively for the nobles’ adventure into the safari, or even the the fancy grand tourer (GT), we have to admit that there is not much difference between these cars and their sedan models in terms of mechanical performance and package. 

The only obvious vision difference for our eyes is the appearance of the vehicle. The body has four pillars (in addition to the three pillars A, B, and C of the sedan car, the station wagon also has the D pillar), and the raised trunk cover of the rear. Of course, if you add some original design and brand style on the basic look, it will be even more obvious and outstanding.


It’s All About The Heart

Apart from the technology and the performance, the heart is what a station wagon is all about.

There is no doubt that whether it is Avant or Allroad models, Audi has not deviated from the overall manufacturing logic of wagons derived from sedans. You can still find a large part of the Audi elements that you are familiar in them.

These elements include but not only: a new generation of MMI's infotainment system, the familiar 7-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox, today's most popular intelligent driving assistance configuration, and the Quattro four-wheel drive system equipped on Allroad models.

It can bring you undoubtedly the most original Audi car driving experience, but there is much more that a station wagon can bring you. 

For the station wagon, every time you turn on the engine, it means that you have taken your "home" to a farther place. The most important thing for it, in my opinion, is the space that can take all the belongings and travel far away at once. Both Avant and Allroad strictly follow the space concept that these cars have been adhering to since the beginning of their design.In other words, Audi's station wagon is not a lengthened product.

Audi A4 Avant

Audi A4 Avant

In terms of the most important thing,  trunk storage space, the maximum volume of the A6 Avant and Allroad models can be expanded to 1680L. It is enough space for every Tourer who wants to bring a tent, or a quilt,  and drink under the stars. This ultra-high scalability can fully demonstrate the storage capacity of the Audi station wagon. There is no doubt that these spatial advantages will also appear in the two models of the A4 wagon.

Of course, if there’s only the advantage of loading capacity that is a bit too simple for the Audi wagon family, you will also see a lot of other brilliant elements in them. For example, Avant models have a stronger design than the sedans. Whether it’s the Avant model of A4 or A6, the overall posture of the body is designed to be more downward and closer to the ground. This indicates that it is more inclined to ride on the highway, although it is equipped with a 2.0T low-power engine.

Audi Avant

Audi Avant

As for the Allroad, it has a completely different design, its overall body is raised, which brings better ground clearance. The A6 Allroad model with adaptive air suspension is even more outstanding, which brings better passability and travel comfort. Obviously, this gives it more confidence than the Avant model to walk on more complicated roads. The Allroad may be able to open up camps better than the Avant, who relies more on mature camps. 

All in all, station wagons are born out of sedans, but also not exactly the same. They have a similar driving experience to sedans, but they also have characteristics that are more suitable for long-distance travel.


Expansibility, That’s The Essence!

In fact, the fun part of station wagons is not only the space capabilities and  the product design, it is the adaptability to different environments. In many cases, it is also reflected in the adjustment of the vehicle by the owner, and the help provided by the peripheral accessories to the malleability.

Station Wagon - Adding More Fun To Your Life!

At this moment, you must already have many cases in your mind about the modification of the station wagon to expand its loadability.

In fact, for station wagons, two luggage racks placed on the roof have become the core accessories for all these changes. Audi's wagon family will naturally configure these accessories. The only difference is that it provides a variety of different colors according to the color of the vehicle. 

With this expandability, Audi can show us more possibilities for travel expansion during the test drive. Such possibilities include a luggage rack with a roof, as well as a towable RV to develop a richer application scenario during travel.

Station Wagon - Adding More Fun To Your Life!

We believe that in the near future, every Audi wagon owner can use these accessories to have a series of more exciting "plug-in" methods for the station wagon to be equipped with bicycles or even kayaks.

Worries about whether such a high-load expansion will require a strong power of the vehicle might appear. No doubt that the power of the vehicle will be tested, but if you choose a powerful 3.0T V6 engine on the A6 Allroad, this problem is much easier to solve. 

Station Wagon - Adding More Fun To Your Life!

If we put aside the practicality, let driving and travel connect, then let travel and soul connect, feel the road with your heart, and embrace all the unknowns during the journey, the journey will become an exciting and unforgettable surprise and treasure of your memory.

After all, adding a station wagon to your life can surprisingly add more fun to your life! And isn’t an interesting and meaningful life we are all pursuing?

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