Cooperate with NINTE

Are you looking for business cooperation on auto parts?

Have you get the great design of some auto part but never get a chance to make it happen cause you dont have any production line? Do you have difficulty of finding good supplier for your auto shop?

All that seems to be troubling and yet we are here to help.

Cooperate with NINTE

NINTE own great factories for all kinds of high quality car parts which are normally produced to OE standards for seamless fit and anti-leak protection!

We also sincerely invite you to be our partner, dealership or wholesaler is totally welcome. And We are also looking for talent designs!


Your own design idea will be appreciated as well, our specialist is ready to be involved, please feel free for sending us inquiries regarding vehicle model & certain parts or other cooperation advice!

We are able to manufacture and design high end custom trim automotive parts & accessories. We offers parts customization solutions. And accept great design idea and dealership or something idea like that!


Develop with NINTE, we are together!

Contact us NOW!

For customization request:



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