Must-know car knowledge

1.Why are the wheels of buses and trucks convex and concave?

In fact, the front and back of the wheel hubs for buses are convex and concave facing inward. The reason why the concave surface faces inward is because the concave surface can have more space to install the brake and steering system. As for why the rear wheel looks concave, it is because the front wheel is equipped with only one tire to facilitate steering, while the rear wheel is equipped with two tires in consideration of the load capacity. After two tires are installed, the outer tire is used. The convex surface is fixedly connected to the inner tire of the car, and the visual effect is the concave surface.

2.Why are the throttle and brake not on each side

Many novice drivers mistakenly use the accelerator as the brake and the brake as the accelerator when they are driving, causing tragedy. Then why not design the throttle and brake on one side separately and then control them by the left and right feet separately? The reason for this design is mainly for safety considerations.

The initial design of the car is to use manual transmission, the left foot is used to control the clutch, and the right foot controls the accelerator and brake. But now there are more and more cars with automatic transmission, and the accelerator and brake are still put together. The purpose of this design is more to continue people's driving habits. Imagine that if you put the accelerator and brake of an automatic transmission car aside, even if you are used to this design, you will have a higher chance of using the brake as the accelerator at this time when you use the manual transmission.

There is another important reason for designing the brake and the accelerator together. That is to hope that the driver can choose between the brake and the accelerator. If the right foot is not on the accelerator, it must be placed on the brake, because it may happen. Prepare for emergency situations in advance. In addition, for current cars, even if the brake and accelerator are stepped on at the same time, the system will default to the principle of brake priority. So in summary, controlling the brake and accelerator with the right foot at the same time is undoubtedly the most scientific setting.

3 Why is there a line on the outside of the car rearview mirror?

Many people will find a line on the outside of the left rearview mirror after buying a car, and even think this is a defect in the vehicle manufacturing process. In fact, this line is designed to expand the field of vision while driving, narrow the blind area of ​​the field of vision, and provide certain safety assistance for the driver when merging, turning, and observing the situation behind the vehicle.

4How long is the life span of car airbags?

Theoretically, the car’s airbag should have the same service life as the entire vehicle, but the actual service life of the airbag is not that long. If the airbag has not been detonated and replaced after 8-10 years, its quality is difficult to guarantee. Generally, the indicator light of the airbag keeps flashing or keeps on when the vehicle is started or driving, it means that the airbag is malfunctioning, and you need to go to the 4S shop for inspection and replacement in time.

5.Can manual gear shift in gear without stepping on the clutch?

That's right, a manual transmission car can indeed shift without stepping on the clutch. The main secret is to keep the speed consistent. What should I do? For example, the vehicle speed in the third gear is 50km/h and the speed is 2500 rpm, and the speed is 1800 rpm when the vehicle speed is 50km/h in the fourth gear. At this time, increase the car to 50km/h in the third gear and release the accelerator. , Do not step on the clutch, pull the gear to neutral (because the bite force between gears decreases at the moment the throttle is released), when the engine speed drops to 1800 rpm, then put the gear into 3 gear. But the action must be fast and accurate, and you must not force it in, otherwise it will easily damage the gearbox.

6.There is also an "escape cabin" in the car

In the unfortunate event of a car accident or the vehicle being flooded, the doors, windows, and sunroof can all be escape routes. But if the vehicle is squeezed and deformed and the doors and windows cannot be opened, the trunk can also become a way for you to escape. In times of crisis, climb to the back row, put down the second row of seats, get into the trunk, find the trunk to turn on the switch, and you can escape smoothly.

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