Did you add a rear diffuser for your car?

Great look after rear lip installed!

  • Just like adding front splitter on a front bumper on the car, a rear diffuser is also very popular in nowadays' car custom culture. Custom enthusiasts love to pick some unique rear lip for a different rear look from the original design. Its shape and color are vary in car models, the color of carbon fiber and gloss black can be recognized as  the favorites among those.

Why the rear lip got this hot?

  • Except for decoration purpose, this part will enhance the performance of your car. A car rear diffuser can effectively increases the vehicle’s downforce and increases the car’s grip on the road surface and reduce the aerodynamic drag. The differences in the air pressure between the high-pressure at the car rear and low-pressure under the car creates a vacuum and sucks the air out of the car. With low air pressure under the car and high-pressure above, increased downforce is created and the aerodynamic drag is reduced.

  • Not just for racing car now, a rear diffuser can be installed in your car if you want to get the performance upgrade or if you just want to get that look! 

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