The role of the spoiler is not only for the beauty of the car!

How to correctly modify the spoiler components in the car? first of all, we first understand the role of adding spoiler components. The rear wing is an added component that provides air downforce to the car body through the additional airflow. The spoiler controls the airflow around the car body, thereby reducing the lifting force of each position on the car body.

Now that the main function is known, the next step is how to choose the style of the rear wing or spoiler, because it is not the addition of any kind of rear wing or spoiler that will have a positive effect on the driving vehicle, such as over-modified ones. The rear wing may make your car top-heavy.

When you are in a car modification shop, you can often hear the term aerodynamics kit. The sports models of many car brands will also have similar optional accessories, but generally, the so-called sports models added to the dynamics kit is just something like the rear wing, rear spoiler, and undercarriage spoiler.
So what should this little thing installed at the rear of the car be called? The most common folk name should be the tail, but a little more professional friends will call the tail as a spoiler. Some data indicate that the tail and spoiler are different. The "tail wing" is larger and installed at the rear of the car, while the "spoiler" is smaller and installed at the rear of the roof.

We can often see that many modified cars are only equipped with a beautiful rear wing. The rear wing can really make our vehicle look more beautiful, but there is no spoiler to adjust the airflow of the whole car. No matter how big and beautiful the rear wing is, it is just useless. , It may even have a negative effect. 

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