The 5 Best Valentineā€™s Day Gifts for Car Lovers


'You can bet a guy loves his car, and quite possibly more than he loves you, so if you get him something that will help take care of his baby, youā€™ll definitely score points with him.' Autobytel Editor Chris Bormann says.

You COULD settle for one of the standard Valentain's day giftĀ this year. There are plenty of places out there ready and willing to fill your order for flowers, chocolates, balloon bouquets and everything else that screams, ā€œItā€™s Valentineā€™s Day and I didnā€™t know what else to get.ā€But if you want your gift to be remembered and appreciated this year, you might want to give one of these a try instead.To help you out, here's what any car-obsessed petrolhead would love to receive!

1. Fourdot Plates


In the UK, you can modify your car to look however you want, except for that fact that you have to have those ugly standard issue plates plastered to the front and rear of your carā€¦ or do you? Fourdot plates correct this by allowing you to design a custom made number plate that is 100 per cent road legal.

Fourdot gives you the ability to create a plate that perfectly complements the contours and aesthetics of your car, be it a Mini or a Lamborghini. Alternatively, you could create ā€˜His and Hersā€™ plate designs to show your loved one that you really do love themā€¦ and their car.

Head over to Fourdotā€™s site here to configure your perfect plate.

2.Prepaid gas cards


Does your significant other travel long distances for work?Ā Perhaps using tollways that can rack up a significant bill each week? Have you ever considered prepaying his/her tolls? It might seem like a crazy idea, but whether you do it for a week, a month or longer, itā€™s a gift that keeps on giving.
Covering other driving expenses can also go a long way. Prepaid gas cards are quick and easy gifts to pick up and are a thoughtful gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road ā€“ and at the gas pump.

3.Personalized coupon books


Personalized coupon books are a popular gift every year, but have you ever considered creating a car-themed booklet?You can be as creative as you like. Anything from offering to restore hazy headlights to offering to take the car in for its regular maintenance checkup are helpful items to include. If a new vehicle is on the books for this year, helping with research and offering to go along on test drives might be appreciated. Itā€™s your booklet, leaving you with the freedom to do whatever you want. Just donā€™t forget to include some activities that are fun for both of you, like taking time out for a romantic road trip.

4. Car Safety Kit


Show how much you care about your partner with an emergency safety kit that they can store in their trunk or glove box. You never know where the road may lead or what may happen, so donā€™t let your partner be caught unprepared. Featuring both first-aid and automotive emergency items, these practical all-in-one kits can help protect you in the event of an automobile breakdown or personal injury.

5. Tickets to the Geneva International Motor Show


How about a nice romantic break to Switzerland? Specifically, Geneva for the annualĀ International auto showĀ that takes place from 9-19th March this year. This event is huge and there will be something to capture the attention of even the most reluctant visitor, while your car enthusiast partner will be in automotive heaven! The event plays host to the debuts of many new production and concept models from major marques. The best thing is that youā€™ll be in the romantic setting of Lake Geneva and near the Alps so you could even catch some late season skiing and have a romantic weekend in an alpine chalet. Everyoneā€™s a winner!Ā Enjoy it with your loverļ¼


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