Who Hasn’t Driven Their Neighbor’s Toyota?

Toyota, one of the most famous automobile giants in every corner of the world, if anyone can't find few neighbors who drive Toyota, the only reasonable explanation is that he/she is that neighbor.

Growing In The Shrinking Market

Those who keep an eye on the auto market will obviously feel the changes that have quietly happened in the past few years: Toyota, as the representative of Japanese car brands, under the background of the overall shrinking of the auto market, continues to steadily show an upward growing trend. Globally, Toyota has always kept the leading position of the market. Toyota’s success of  being able to stand alone in unfavorable environments has a big relationship with its numerous new models born in the TNGA architecture concept.

Toyota TNGA


"TNGA" has become synonymous with the strong strength of Toyota's new generation of models. Relying on the core competitive advantages brought by product strength, the "New Toyota" after the full application of the TNGA architecture has proved the strategic success of Toyota's TNGA architecture with sales and word of mouth.

The TNGA architecture has given Toyota’s new models a rebirth with strength improvement. The more efficient R&D and production speed granted by TNGA enables Toyota to rapidly and continuously expand the lineup of new TNGA-based vehicles.

Markets are led by products and also built by reputation. The competitiveness and efficiency improvements brought out by the TNGA concept, and the continued expansion of the share and recognition of TNGA's new products, mutually promote and influence each other. This positive cyclical effect further releases the transformative and vitality of Toyota's TNGA structure. The final result must be the overall improvement of Toyota TNGA models in terms of market sales, consumer reputation, and used car value retention. 

Higher, Faster And Stronger

TNGA,  is Toyota New Global Architecture.

Toyota introduced this concept a few years ago, aiming to achieve a comprehensive evolution of production and R&D methods. With an unprecedented high degree of flexibility and universalization, consumers can obtain more powerful Toyota models at lower costs. The core purpose of TNGA is simple and concise, that is, to "make better cars" for consumers.

Toyota TNGA


Under the TNGA concept, with the help of a highly versatile and modular powertrain system, Toyota's new-generation models have an approximately 20% increase in fuel economy, while power performance has increased by more than 10%. The new TNGA engine has an amazing thermal efficiency of up to 40%.

Take the 2021 1.5L Corolla TNGA engine as an example, it has a series of new technologies under the TNGA concept, such as high compression ratio, EGR system, and high tumble ratio design; the matching Direct Shift CVT gearbox creatively adds starting gears , so that the traditional sense of lag when starting acceleration tends to be invisible. The TNGA power system realizes the balance optimization in various dimensions such as power, ride comfort, and high efficiency.

The TNGA concept has re-optimized the layout of the vehicle and the design of its body, allowing the new model to have a lower center of gravity and increase the rigidity of the body by as much as 30%-65%. As a result, the chassis handling performance of the new model has been stepped up, and the NVH noise and vibration performance has also been improved.It is a better driving experience of the ride to both the drivers and passengers.

Toyota TNGA Corolla

Toyota TNGA Corolla


More importantly, thanks to TNGA's highly modular, universal, and flexible concept, all these have not been at the expense of rising costs and selling prices. TNGA's highly integrated and developed model has promoted the transformation of the entire industry chain, increasing the efficiency of production and R&D by more than 20% in exchange for the more powerful product capabilities.

Starting from the Camry, Toyota TNGA models have led the market, the market demand has remained strong for so long that the new cars under the TNGA structure have excellent price retention capabilities, which even further affects the second-hand trading market.

The surprisingly high value retention rate of Toyota is equivalent to helping consumers to reduce the average usage cost during the period of owning a car, which in turn promotes the consumers’ confidence in Toyota’s cars. Which is a virtuous circle Toyota made for itself.

TNGA is Toyota's belief,  and it keeps developing and improving.

Other than the traditional automotive field, in the electric area, Toyota has launched an EV-specific platform e-TNGA based on TNGA, which is designed for pure electric vehicles, with larger battery capacity and longer cruising range, highly flexible power layout and body. 

With the TNGA concept, Toyota has promoted its own evolutionary iteration, which has led to the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry, allowing consumers to obtain a better product experience at a lower cost. TNGA is a self-subversion for Toyota, a continuous breakthrough development in production and R&D.

And its impact is not limited to Toyota itself, it is influencing the entire automotive industry, TNGA indicates that the dilemma of choosing between performance and low-cost is not necessary, which means that the ceiling of industry development is being broken. Ultimately, Toyota, as a leader in the global automotive market, is to lead the sustainable development of the industry with its TNGA concept.

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